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Welcome to the website of ArranRidingClub

The Area covers from the north to the south and the east to the west coast of the island. The Area is run by a panel of elected officials who are themselves club members from the Area.

The officials organise, with the assistance of member clubs, at least four events throughout the year, a Showjumping competition, a showing show, training days and an the island  Show. The team of officials work on behalf of the clubs to organise these events . Riding Club level is very much ‘grass roots’, many club members start their competitive lives off at their own local events and with the support, tuition and advice of the club have gone on to compete at other levels. Everyone has to start somewhere and Riding Clubs provide an excellent grounding from Clear Round jumping through to budding professional Showjumpers!!

We hope you will find the site informative and useful. You will find competition dates, helpful and essential rules and regulations and the latest  results from competitions. If anyone has any news and views or photos you are proud of (non professional pics because of copyright law), please contact us and we will include them for the rest of the Horsey World to see.

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